Supreme performance and ease of use

From the harsh conditions of northern Finland comes the ultimate cargo bike.

Built from the ground up to be the most robust and ecological solution for carrying goods, people, tools. Whatever you want to transport, Ouca gets it there safely and securely.

A powerful and innovative e-motor in a custom built strong body with cargo bay maximize the carrying capacity – while still categorizing Ouca as a bicycle. 

Designed and manufactured in Finland, Ouca is the cargo bike for the future.

Ouca Bikes aims for international markets. We participate in the Eurobike trade fair in Frankfurt. The Eurobike trade fair is the world’s largest bicycle industry event. At the trade fair, we make contacts with international retailers and start discussions about cooperation.


Let the motor do the hard work.

The unrivaled, smooth riding experience is achieved with an automatic transmission paired to a powerful e-motor unit.

No need to change gears or think ahead of the steep incline that is on your route. Let the motor and gearbox do the hard work for you.

And if you happen to take a wrong turn and you end up in an alleyway, there is a reverse gear to get you back on track.

Don’t break a sweat. Enjoy the ride.

Don’t be scared if the road gets rough.

The strong frame and cargo pod are designed to withstand the best and the worst conditions and roads. The tires are not from an ordinary bike, so don’t be afraid of little bumps and potholes on the way.

And it doesn’t just look strong. Depending on the model and options you choose, Ouca can carry up to 255kg in addition to the driver.

And if you need to carry people, there are seats for eight children, or one adult and three kids, depending on the model and configuration.

Let other cargo bikes bite the dust in corners.

Rigid frame, low center of gravity, wide track and long wheelbase.

Ouca has the perfect recipe for stability. Your ride feels planted and confident, no matter if your cargo bay is full.

So take every turn with confidence. The ride is always stable and smooth.

Our cargo bikes

Tools, goods, food, people – whatever you want to transport, Ouca can deliver it.

Whichever model suits your needs the best, you always get the same riding experience and exceptional build quality. Our cargo bikes are your go-to solution when you want the best and most efficient way to transport goods and move around in an eco-friendly package.

Every Ouca comes with same standard features. Wide all-season tires, automatic transmission and powerful motor. Every model can be fitted with an additional battery for extra range and with a rear rack for extra carrying capacity. Other optional extras vary between models.
We have also designed dedicated areas for stickers, so you can easily brand it your own or customize the look.

Ouca Space

When your cargo needs to be covered from the weather

Ouca Space is the ideal solution for delivering parcels in the bustling streets of the city center. When someone tells you to “deliver with care”, Ouca is the perfect tool for the job.

Space is excellent for food deliveries aswell, as the cargo bay can be divided with a handy parcel shelf for a completely flat floor.

The cargo bay lid provides 300 liters of additional space to increase the sheltered capacity to 870 liters. Both the lid and the front door are lockable, so you can leave the bike unattended for a moment if needed. With the optional rear rack you can increase the capacity even further with a container of your choosing.

Carrying capacity is 180kg as standard. It can be enhanced with an optional rear rack which can carry additional 75kg.

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Ouca Transport

The most versatile cargo bike of our range

Ouca Transport is your choice, when you need to do many tasks with a single cargo bike.

Tag along with your co-worker when you are doing maintenance work or groundskeeping in the city, carry long and large items.

It can also be fitted with seats with a configuration for 1 adult and 3 children, or 4 children. So it can be used as a resort bike to provide a way for tourists to see the sights in a new, fun way!

The use cases for Transport are endless, only your imagination is the limit. It can be also ordered with a cover for the cargo bay, which has a capacity of 570 liters.

Carrying capacity is 180kg as standard. It can be enhanced with an optional rear rack which can carry additional 75kg.

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Ouca Kiddiebus

It’s a cargo bike, but instead of goods, the cargo is even more precious.

Provide memorable experiences and expand the playground with Ouca Kiddiebus.

It is designed especially with daycare and pre-schools in mind, as it can carry eight children in safety and comfort.

Carrying capacity is 180kg or maximum of 8 children.

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I have been involved with design and engineering all my working life and every now and then you come across something impressive – The Ouca is one of those times – its a clever design and has been delivered with excellent engineering. The stability of the bike is remarkable. Well done Ouca Bikes.

Paul LavelleFounder / Lavelle Bikes

We planned that we would first test Ouca in the use of the Nallikari Lomakylä staff, e.g. in transporting goods for cleaning in a large area. We also thought about how our customers could go for a ride in Nallikari and the city for example with the whole family. Great driving experience, you could have driven these all day!

Sirpa WalterCEO / Nallikari Seaside Oy

We ordered bikes for maintenance work on greenspaces in the city center. The goal is to reduce maintenance car traffic in greenspaces At the same time, we can cut our emissions. The bikes free up the staff’s time when students and those without a driver’s license are able to move independently on bikes.

Heikki PulkkinenCity Gardener / City of Oulu


Contact us, if you want your own Ouca bike or need more information. We are also happy to answer any questions and tell more about our product.

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